Jennifer Roskey, 2002 Graduate


Jennifer Roskey has a love for hair color and loves to share that with the world, whether it is through her photo shoots or through being an Aveda hair color educator. Jennifer believes that with hard work and passion all dreams can, and will come true. 

In 2002 she began her journey in the industry working at Ladies and Gentlemen Salon and Spa. In 2007 Jennifer decided to push her skills to the next level by auditioning and becoming an Aveda Purefessional. The Aveda Purefessional platform has given her the opportunity to continue to challenge herself, and to keep her skill set at a high level. It also provides her the opportunity to pass on Aveda education to other stylists in the industry. She feels that the most fulfilling part of her experience as a Purefessional is seeing the limitless positive effects that education provides.

Jennifer has been traveling to teach for the company, Hair Color Magic, since 2010. The company’s centralized theme is to Never Stop Learning. They educate stylists on new ways of seeing hair color. Jennifer believes that sharing information is what keeps our beauty industry advancing. “I love to share information that helps inspire hairstylists’ creativity. Being able to see them learn something that they did not know before, then using that information to expand their own business, and achieve their own goals, is so rewarding.” 

Joining the Purefessional team has also opened the door to several other opportunities that have allowed Jennifer to expand her business from behind the chair to working on a stage level at Aveda hair shows. She has worked with Aveda’s Global Team, and says she feels honored to have worked with the best of the best in the industry. 

In 2011 Jennifer began collaborating with her fellow Ladies and Gentlemen co-worker, Sal Misseri. Aveda International Congress Festival was holding a contest for color and cut. Jennifer knew that she wanted to enter this competition and also knew that with Sal’s haircutting skills, he was her man to team up with. That was the first project that they worked on together, and not only did Jennifer win for the color but Sal also won for the haircut. This is when they knew they had something special and a bond was formed. She says that “it takes knowing your strengths and weaknesses to create an amazing team.” They knew that together they could help each other achieve their dreams.

In 2012 Jennifer did the haircolor for Sal’s winning entry in the “Newcomer of the Year” category at the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA).This is the most prestigious photographic beauty competition in North America. She herself is now nominated at the 2013 NAHA for the Haircolor Category. 

Jennifer and Sal also collaborated with the Ladies and Gentlemen team to win a spot on Aveda’s Congress Stage for their 2013 Global show. They continue to add to and strengthen their team so that they can all go on this journey together. 

In reflecting on her journey thus far, Jennifer says “being a Purefessional has gotten me to the needed mindset and skill level, where I have been able to achieve my dreams, from becoming a stage artist to a NAHA finalist. Without the program I would not be who I am today.” She recommends teaming up with people you trust and love. “The key is to pass on your knowledge to help inspire others to raise the bar. You can’t do it alone!” 

Jennifer Roskey – Nominated in the NAHA 2013 Haircolor Category 

Jennifer Roskey – Nominated in the NAHA 2013 Haircolor Category 

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