Brown Aveda Institute scholarship contest

Application submissions were due on Friday, March 15, 2019. Submissions are now closed.



Stay tuned for information related to the 2020 Scholarship Contest!

One Cosmetology scholarship and one Advanced Manicuring scholarship will be awarded for each of our Strongsville and Mentor locations.

Scholarship awards include full tuition, kit fees, enrollment, and application fees.

About the 2019 Scholarship Contest

If selected, you will be invited to participate in the Scholarship Contest/Earth Month Fashion Show on Sunday, March 24, 2019. You will select a model of your choice style their hair and makeup.

The scholarship contest will take place at The Music Box Supper Club in Downtown Cleveland.

Of those that compete, two Cosmetology and two Advanced Manicuring winners will be chosen to receive full scholarships to our Brown Aveda Institutes.

Please review all rules and details of the contest below in order to be eligible to compete and accept the scholarship. Deadline for submissions is Friday, March 15, 2019 at 5pm.

Guidelines for Entry 

  • The Cosmetology scholarship contest is based on the model that has the best finished look. For Cosmetology contest they are judged on hair style, makeup, and clothing and your written application. All contestants must wear all Black clothing. Cosmetology Contestants: No cutting or chemical services will be performed on the models anytime in the competition. You are responsible for the overall style of the model (hair, makeup, and clothing) and you will not be judged on the haircut or color of the models hair.

  • The Advanced Manicuring contest is based on the model that has the best finished nails. On one hand you are required to do nail art of your choice, and the other hand 3 nails will be painted in French manicure and 2 nails will be painted Red. You will be judged on your creativity and detail to your work. You are not able to do any acrylic nails. If you choice a model with natural nails it will be preferred but not required.

  • For both Cosmetology and Advanced Manicuring contests:

    • All models must be 13 years or older, NO male or child models allowed.

    • Contestants work alone on their model, you must bring all of your own supplies, tools, product, and clothing needed to prepare your model.

    • All Contestants models clothing they chose to have them wear for the mainstage must be in Black on the day of the Scholarship event

Contest Details 

  • Those selected will be contacted via email.

  • When both Cosmetology and Advanced Manicuring contestants arrive the day of the contest there will be a before picture taken that will be given to the judges so they can judge the best before and after model.

  • The day of the competition you will be given (3) hours to complete the model’s hair and makeup and clothing for Cosmetology and three hours to complete your Advanced Manicuring Model. You are required to bring all of your own supplies and products to perform these tasks.

  • It is not a requirement to enroll prior to the competition, if chosen as a winner you may register after that day.

Contestant Requirements 

  • Contestants with any prior training at a Licensed Cosmetology school are not eligible to participate. If you have ever received money for services at a salon, spa or freelance you are not eligible to complete. This contest if for students that have never done hair or nails professionally, and are competing because they have the passion or raw talent. To enroll in the Institute if chosen you must have completed high school or have a GED.


  • There will be two Cosmetology scholarships and two Advanced Manicuring scholarships awarded that will include all tuition, kit fees, enrollment, and application fees.

  • All winners must complete admission requirements to accept scholarship, and if program is not completed the scholarship is null and void.


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Contest Location

The annual scholarship contest will take place at Music Box Supper Club  1148 Main Avenue Cleveland, OH, 44113

The annual scholarship contest will take place at Music Box Supper Club
1148 Main Avenue
Cleveland, OH, 44113