Featured Alumni - Jillian Bernot

Jillian Bernot - 2014 Brown Aveda Graduate, Managing Cosmetologist and Studio Owner

We see a lot of clients coming specifically for a big change; something edgy that another stylist might be hesitant to do. Everyone loves coming into the studio, and they’ll often pop in just to hang out.
— Jillian Bernot, Studio Owner

In 2015, Jillian opened her first studio, the relaxed but edgy Jillian Bernot Hair Studio, in downtown Willoughby, moving to a more central location only a year later. 

We caught up with Jillian between clients to hear her story.

Why do you love what you do?

I like the idea of a complete transformation, taking one thing and doing hair, makeup, the whole deal, and then seeing the whole product. It's more an art and a craft than beautifying someone. I don't feel like I work a day at all, I don't feel like I work ever, I just get to do what I love.

How did your education impact your success?

Winning a scholarship to Brown Aveda changed my life 100%. If I hadn't won the competition, I wouldn't be doing this. Their program offers opportunities for their students to be successful, and the competition is a really amazing and generous gift.

What do you think makes an artist successful?

It's important to look at other artists' work and draw inspiration. Stay current on what's going on around you, your competition, and where you can take inspiration from, but you have to have your own twist on something. View it like an art piece, and try to come up with something new, innovative, and fresh.

What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

If you want to find success and grow clientele quickly, make big sacrifices the first year of your career and be okay without the extra things in life; Be unique; take your inspiration, find your own signature, and build the clientele you want.

Be sure to contact the Jillian Bernot Studio for tickets to the epic Hanzoween Masquerade on October 30. Taking over Mulberry's in Cleveland's West Bank, the costume party will feature costume prizes, artistic education, and the perfect chance to mingle.


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