ABOVE & BEYOND Tulasāra™ Skin Care

Aveda is changing the skin care game with a new advanced-performance skin care line—Tulasāra.™

Rooted in Ayurveda and formulated with apothecary-inspired ingredients, Tulasāra™ allows you to customize your skin care regimen with products that meet you specific needs and help promote balanced, radiant skin.

Tulasāra™ means “moving toward balance” in Sanskrit, the skin care line features five new incredible skin care products. Tulasāra™ Concentrates in Calm, Bright and Firm are 97% naturally derived* treatment serums that help accelerate the skin’s natural ability to restore itself.

Additionally and completely unique to Aveda, the Tulasāra™ Radiant Awakening Ritual is a daily, two-step skin care ritual of gently dry-brushing the face, neck and décolleté followed by self-massage to promote microcirculation and immediately leave skin looking more radiant.

Posted on July 25, 2016 and filed under promotion.