Featured Alumna and Freelance Artist, Elizabeth Cook

Elizabeth Cook, Professional Makeup Artist

Elizabeth Cook - 2007 Brown Aveda Graduate, Managing Esthetician, and Freelance Makeup Artist

With over twelve years of experience in the makeup industry, Cleveland-based freelancer Elizabeth Cook has taken her talents around the globe, regularly touching down in New York City. 

Elizabeth has been an artist for Miami Swim Week, Paris Fashion Week, and New York Fashion Week for several seasons running, and has worked for companies such as MAC Cosmetics, Chanel Beauty, and of course, Aveda. 

After diving into her freelance career, Elizabeth attended Brown Aveda Institute to gain a greater understanding of skin and the canvas, honing in on crucial esthetic skills needed to drive her success forward. She even worked at the front desk, cultivating inspiration from the driven and energetic students.

We grabbed a few minutes with Liz to ask about her booming career:

Why do you love what you do?
Even though my job title is the same, every day is different!  Whether it be a different model, team, location etc... I love it! I also really enjoy making people feel beautiful, meeting all walks of life, and being a vital part of different production teams. 

What makes an artist successful?
Drive, hard work, passion, recognizing there is always room for growth and learning, team work, strong listening and communication skills, positive mindset, and above all... PROFESSIONALISM. You could be the best makeup artist out there and if people don't enjoy being around you or you're unprofessional--- forget it!  

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?
Get ready for some hard work and days ahead! It's a long road but absolutely worth it if you LOVE it. To aspiring artists, I always say get a job at a makeup counter. It's the best way to learn how to ask questions, learn how to listen to people, color match, and master your craft. Doing makeup on yourself isn't going to help you with other skin tones, types, textures, and just people in general. Being a makeup artist is 60% skill and 40% personality.

Check out Elizabeth's stunning portfolio of fashion, beauty, bridal, celebrity, runway, commercial makeup, and more, and CONTACT HER for your own unforgettable style today!

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Posted on June 30, 2017 and filed under featured graduate.