Featured Alumni - Kyle Rose

Kyle Rose - 2009 Brown Aveda Graduate, Aveda Hair Cutting and Styling
Purefessional, and Master Stylist

After eight years as a designer and assistant director of education at the prestigious John Robert's Spa, Aveda Purefessional Kyle Rose has made his move to Tres Chic Salon as an educator and Master Stylist.

Now working at the only Aveda salon in downtown Cleveland, Kyle is thrilled to be developing an education program for up-and-coming stylists that are eager to join the Tres Chic team!

Whatever you put into it, you get back from it, and it helps to light that fire to keep pushing yourself as an artist.
— Kyle Rose

With this exciting news, we reached out to ask Kyle more about his career and advice for future stylists.

Why do you love what you do?

I wanted a career that allowed me to have creative freedom and make people feel and look their best. A friend of mine recommended the Brown Aveda Institute, and once I started, I instantly fell in love with the artistry that comes along with being a hair designer. On top of that, I love how Aveda is always pushing the edge of the beauty industry and setting higher standards of fashion, artistry and wellness. I am so inspired by Aveda’s Global Artistic team, and have a long-term goal to hold the title of Global Artistic Director of Hair Cutting for Aveda.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I find inspiration EVERYWHERE. So many things ignite ideas and creative thought processes in my head, whether it be nature, fashion, or just seeing someone interesting walking down the street. I also adore HJI’s British Hairdressing Awards. European design is always pushing the envelope of our industry, and while not every guest that sits in my chair is open to such innovative looks, I enjoy the process and challenge of incorporating some aspect of innovation into each of my guests. This helps to create a signature style for myself, and pushes me to think "outside of the box."

How did your Aveda experience impact where you are today?

Aveda has done so much for me; most of all, it has inspired me to set higher standards for myself and my craft. I could not even fathom being a part of any other industry. Aveda has opened the doors for great opportunities for me to work with so many talented artists across the country, as well as assist, co-teach, and network with the Global Artistic team members on photo shoots, hair shows, and advanced education classes.

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

Make sure you are ready to work very hard and be sure to find passion, even in the aspects of hairdressing that are not necessarily your favorite. I cannot stress enough the importance of starting your career in a salon that offers an in-salon training program as well as continuing education once you become a full-time designer. Find a salon that speaks to your style of learning, and has educators that will break down the curriculum in a way that helps you grow as an artist in the way you want to grow.


You can find Kyle on his Instagram and Facebook, as well we behind the chair at the fresh Tres Chic Salon Tuesday - Saturday.

Watch out for Kyle’s up-and-coming collection, “Harpoon," and be sure to follow Tres Chic Salon on Instagram for behind-the-scenes imagery of their first photographic collection! The shoot is in honor of the salon's successful first year in business, drawing inspiration from Paris street fashion and French culture.

After celebrating their first anniversary this June, Tres Chic is seeking inspired, passionate, and hardworking individuals to join their team of talented designers. Stop in for a tour of the gorgeous salon and meet the owner, Katherine Skillman, or reach out via email to trechiccle@gmail.com.

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