Featured Alumna, Bayley Brown

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Bayley Brown - 2017 Brown Aveda Graduate and Stylist

Just one year since her graduation from Brown Aveda Institute, Bayley Brown has already poured four years of hard work into her career at Ladies and Gentlemen Salon and Spa, starting in Mentor and landing as a stylist in Legacy Village.

Beyond her dedication and love of art, makeup, and color, Bayley's unique talents push her to reach for further creative opportunities.

Her first time competing with full body paint, Bayley took home first place in the Ohio Association of Beauticians' competition in both the Fantasy Art Body Make-Up and the Fantasy Hair categories.

Then in September, hungry to get back into shows since her days in school, Bayley teamed up with other Aveda alumnae, Monica Clark and Emily Eneix, to create a stunning presentation for RAW Cleveland presents Connect, reawakening her excitement for inventive showcasing.

We caught up with Bayley to find out more about her success:

How can we take advantage of your talent for body painting?

I'm the most busy around Halloween, and I am trying to do more and do photo shoots for the salon, so I'm slowly getting into that. It's different and it stands out and I love that. 

How did your Aveda education experience impact where you are now? 

I really like Aveda's mission and what they stand for with the all natural and cruelty-free values, that's really important to me. They provide a great education and great styling, and I really enjoyed that and it's helped me a lot, too. 

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

Find what makes you different from others and go for it so you can stand out, and work hard because it all pays off in the end!

Be sure to follow Bayley on Instagram and look out for more fantastic body paint, makeup, and color!

Posted on December 18, 2018 and filed under news, featured graduate.