Featured Alumna, Tessa Shagovac

Tessa Shagovac and Natalie Herbick on New Day Cleveland

Tessa Shagovac and Natalie Herbick on
New Day Cleveland

Tessa Shagovac - 2008 Brown Aveda Student and Health and Fitness Entrepreneur 

Strongsville's Orangetheory Fitness team

Ten years after attending Brown Aveda Institute, Tessa Shagovac is still an advocate for wellness. She is not only one of the youngest female owners of Orangetheory Fitness in the region, but is co-creator of Surefire Wellness, as well as their original Vitality Greens Superfood!

We caught up with Tessa to find out more about her success:

Why do you love what you do?

I believe beauty starts from the inside out. If you feel good and eat to nourish your body, it will show on the outside. I want to see people living healthier and happier lives.

How did your Aveda experience impact where you are now?

The Brown Aveda Institute has such an amazing reputation. They develop the best of the best in the beauty industry. Brown Aveda sets standards and gives students the opportunity to be great, and achieve their own individual success. They see each person’s unique gifts and elevate them to achieve greatness, and these are the tools you need to excel in life. Its not only about the education you receive as a beauty professional, but the principles: you learn how to be a better leader and person in whatever career path you choose to follow.

Do you have any advice for upcoming talents in your field?

If you have a dream in your heart….follow it! Surround yourself with people who believe in you and work hard!

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