Featured Alumna, Samantha Culotta  

Samantha Culotta  - 2005 Casal Aveda Graduate, and Sales & Training Executive for It Cosmetics 

Samantha Culotta with It Cosmetics CEO Jamie Kern Lima

Samantha Culotta with It Cosmetics CEO Jamie Kern Lima

After receiving her license in Esthetics from Brown Aveda Institute, Samantha Culotta worked for several spas she loved before discovering her passion for makeup and the powerful confidence it brings. 

She has since worked with names like Ulta, Sephora, and Macy's, and has now been with It Cosmetics for over four years. She travels the Pittsburgh tri-state area to train employees, educate guests, and gather for promotional events.

We caught up with Samantha to find out more about her success!

What inspires you in your work? 

I have been around so many different brands for so long, but It Cosmetics is amazing. They actually want to change the conversation in beauty, they want people to look in the mirror and see what's right rather than what needs fixing. The brands that I work for and the people wearing our products inspire me. 

What do you think makes an artist successful? 

Honestly I think it comes down to passion. You have to have the passion to do what you do and love it. It also comes down to dedication, being an artist and making that impact on someone.

How did your Aveda experience influence where you are now? 

The knowledge I got from the schooling helped me understand the ingredients and what they do to impact the skin. The education also gave me the confidence to speak to different personality types every day. You're going to meet people from different worlds, so that confidence to handle and speak to all kinds of personality traits definitely made an impact.

Learn more about Samantha Culotta's top recommended brand, It Cosmetics, and their upcoming events in your area!

Posted on May 6, 2019 .