Featured Alumna, Kelly Dolecek

Kelly Dolecek - 2001 Brown Aveda Graduate, Esthetician, and Owner of BARE Beauty Boutique

From spa coordinator and team leader, to educator and boutique owner, Kelly Dolecek has given her all to the beauty industry for over fifteen years. Now, five years after the opening of her studio, BARE, Kelly is ready to expand her business in Chesterland, Ohio.

After a move and a major makeover, BARE now boasts over 3300 square feet of salon space, and their passionate team is ready to grow along with it!

We caught up with Kelly during this exciting transition to find out more about her success:

What would you say is your specialty?

My specialty is waxing for sure! I myself struggled to find someone to do a Brazilian wax that made me feel comfortable, so I wanted to run with that need to provide that service while helping people feel comfortable. It definitely became the service I excelled at and grew with the fastest as well, so that is where I specialize!

How did Aveda impact where you are now?

Aveda really impacted my love for natural and organic ingredients in the products I use. So when I opened BARE, I decided to go with a locally owned and operated company with naturally-based ingredients, and gained an even greater appreciation for chemical-free products. I want to keep expressing the importance of being mindful of ingredients to my clients, and I definitely learned that from Aveda.

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

My advice is to just find your passion and run with it. When I started school at Brown Aveda, I never thought waxing would be what I was best at. My focus was really makeup at the time, but I found in my schooling that I was really good at waxing, and it become a passion I took off with!

With the new location completed, Kelly and the rest of the team at BARE are seeking independent contractors to fill their new stations!

If you are looking to be a part of a mindful salon that takes a total body approach to beauty and wellness, reach out to Kelly at barebeautyboutique@yahoo.com to find out more about their competitive rates and educational opportunities!

Follow BARE Beauty Boutique on Facebook and Instragram, and on their website, and be sure to check back as they launch their new site, coming soon!

Posted on August 9, 2019 and filed under featured graduate, news.