February's Students of the Season Announced in Strongsville!

Dani Kelly  – Cosmetology

Dani Kelly – Cosmetology

Michelle Radvansky  – Esthetics

Michelle Radvansky – Esthetics

Congratulations Dani and Michelle for your outstanding performance.

Request an appointment at our Strongsville location from these outstanding students now through the end of February and receive complimentary services!

Seeing people fall in love with themselves whether it’s a haircut or highlights is the passion behind what I do. That little difference could change someone’s day, attitude or even their life. I LIVE for that!
— Dani
I believe in taking care of your skin, being comfortable in it, and loving yourself. I am passionate about helping people embrace their beauty every single day. Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world!
— Michelle
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